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‘Gujarat’ – Its Progress in Recent Time

Gujarat celebrated 53 years of its formation this year. Since 1 May, 1960, Gujarat has made immense progress in all fields. It has become one of the most developed states in the country. In 1960s, Gujarat was known for textile industry. Today it has diversified into chemicals, pharmaceuticals, refineries, ship breaking, cement, automobile parts, diamonds, cotton, milk products, and even salt! The agricultural growth in Gujarat is also good. This is due to better irrigation facilities and electricity supply. Many people in Gujarat use the solar energy. As a result of the Sardar Sarovar Project, drinking water has reached the remote villages in Gujarat.
Every village in Gujarat has good roads, schools, health centres and many other facilities. Every village in Gujarat has good and well developed Primary School. Gujarat is the land of Gandhi and Sardar, Ravishankar Maharaja and Vikram Sarabhai. It is known for its  culture and festivals like Uttarayan and Navaratri. It is indeed, Swarnim Gujarat.

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