“MY FAVOURITE TEACHER” Essay In English | Most Imp Essay For Board Exam @Gsebeservice


I study in Shree Pragati Vidhyalaya. My school has a very good teaching staff. I like all my teachers but my favorite teacher is Mr. Patel. Mr. Patel teaches us English. Mr. Patel is about thirty years old. He is not a very tall man. But he looks very smart. He is always well-dressed. He is always smiling and cheerful. He talks sweetly to all.

Mr. Patel has a very good method of teaching. He makes English easy and interesting. He gives personal attention to every student. He does not get angry if a student asks him questions during the lesson. He is patient. He understands the problems of the students. He tries his best to solve them.

Mr. Patel gives us many English books and newspapers to read. He wants us to master the English language. Sometimes he tells us stories and general knowledge. But at the same time, Mr. Patel is a strict teacher. He believes in discipline and hard work. He does not excuse any student who neglects his studies and homework.

Mr. Patel is our friend, philosopher, and guide. He is loved and respected by all. He is my favorite teacher.

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