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“My Neighbours”

Mr. and Mrs. Parikh are my neighbours. They have two children a son named Raj and daughter named Khushi. Mr. Parikh is a doctor and Mrs. Parikh is a teacher. They are all well-educated and cultured. We often spend our free time together. We celebrate all the festivals and special occasions together. Mrs. Parikh often helps us with our studies. Whenever, we are ill, Dr Parikh is always there to take care of us. My mother, who is an excellent cook, often prepares their favourite dishes for them. My father, who is a chartered accountant, takes care of Dr Parikh’s finances. I will never forget the day when Dr Parikh came in the middle of the night to treat my little brother who had become unconscious because of high fever. The whole Parikh family was with us till morning, when my brother opened his eyes.

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