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“Trees are our Best Friends”

How can we imagine our life without trees? Like our human friends they are closely connected with our life and help in many ways. The trees stand in the sun, endure extreme heat and give us cool shade. Their lovely flowers and sweet fruits are also for us. They provide us wood to make beautiful furniture in our houses. They also provide coal, medicines, gum, honey, rubber and fire wood. The trees help us to bring rain. They keep the temperature down. The roots of the trees hold the soil together so the land does not lose its fertility. The trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen into the air. In this way the trees purify the air and help us to stop air pollution. The trees are the happy and the safe home for birds and animals. They can enjoy their life in their natural surroundings. The trees are the greatest boon of God for the mankind. We should not forget their obligation on us. Today we are cutting down lots and lots of trees for our selfish purposes therefore the balance of nature is disturbed. If we do not save the trees, our future will be in danger. We should grow more and more trees and protect them to save the whole planet. If we save the trees, they will save us. We should work for this motto “You save the trees and the trees will save you”.

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