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“Visit to a Science Fair”

A science fair of district level was held in Pragati Vidhyalaya. They had put up many stalls. There were many sections: Energy, Environment, Agriculture, Space Science, Natural Resources, Waste Management, Health Hazards, etc. Students of almost 67 schools had participated in it. Along with students, teachers had also come to facilitate and motivate them. For each of the exhibits, students had put in best of their efforts. Most of the visitors were students and teachers from the schools of that area. They kept on moving from one stall to another in different sections. The participants were explaining their exhibits in their best possible manner. There were also some observers appointed. They were observing the charts and models very closely. They tried to check out whether the participants knew the principles on which their experiments were based. There were some very innovative ideas worked out by the students. In the closing speech, the chief guests commended the participants as future scientists. It was a very encouraging and informative visit.

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