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Yoga was originated in india during ancient time by the yogis. Yoga word is originated from the sanskrit language and has two meanings, one is union and another one is discipline. Practicing yoga teaches us about the body and mind discipline by uniting or connecting body and mind. It is a spiritual practice used to meditate in the early morning to balance body and mind as well as remains close to the nature. It was practiced earlier by the people of religions like Hindu, Buddha and jain. It is amazing type of exercise which makes life better by controlling the body and mind. Yoga is a science of living healthy life forever. It is like a medicine which treats various diseases gradually by regularizing the functioning of body organs. Actually yoga is a practice of controlled body part movements and control of breathe. It enhances the inner and outer body and mind strength by connecting both to the nature. It is not a physical practice only as it makes a human able to get control over mental, emotional and spiritual thoughts. It can be practiced by the people at any age during childhood, teenage, adult or old age. It needs only safe, slow and controlled movements of body with controlled breathing. In order to make worldwide people aware of the yoga and its benefits, an international level event called ‘International Day of Yoga’ or ‘World Yoga Day’ has been declared to celebrate it annually.

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